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Trying to talk – Amy 15.5 months

Amy is definitely trying to talk more. Last week I had a chat with one of the lovely ladies at the gym creche and she agreed with me that we think Amy is talking lots ie. making verbal noises at the appropriate times, but not actually trying to communicate verbally. Its amazing how quickly these things change, this week Amy has started calling me by saying “mama” and she will ask for Ron by saying “dada” with a questioning look. She has also started saying “no” frequently and more often in the right places. I will ask her if she wants her milk and she will shake her head vehemently and say “no”. She says it in a very sweet way, very deep. I must try and get it on video. The first few times it happened I laughed and so she must think I like her saying it because all week its been “no, no, no, no”! Funny, not really.

Amy says “hi” now and will happily say “bye-bye” when someone says goodbye to her. We stand at the door in the mornings and wave to Ron as he walks up the road to catch the bus and Amy will shout “bu-bye dada” for as long as we stand there for.
Just today a butterfly flew in through the door and flew around the lounge before taking off out the door again. Amy was amazed and kept calling to me “mama, mama, mama” and gesturing. I find it very endearing to watch her call to me as though requesting I explain this new phenomenon. Then tonight when Ron was changing her after her bath she kept saying “dada, dada, dada” and pointing at the ceiling. When Ron eventually turned around to see what she was pointing at, there was a (HUGE!) spider on the ceiling! Not only is she cute, but she is quite useful too.
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