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The Super Whites
Photos from my childhood
Me in my competition winning fancy dress on board ship enroute from the UK to South Africa

I see many similarities between myself as a baby and Amy. It was less obvious when she was little but now I see a likeness in character and a look in her eyes that reminds me of myself. I am fascinated with other people’s photos of their babies because I can look at their children and see the baby they were and this gets me thinking about how Amy will look as she grows older.

Me at 11 weeks on the left and Amy at 5 weeks on the right.

As babys Amy and I both had no hair and big eyes. Mine changed to brown quite quickly but Amy’s have remained a deep blue. Amy’s cheeks have got chubbier and now they wobble when she runs which I adore!

Me with Mum

Amy has a big gap between her two front teeth which is characteristic of both myself, and my mum. She has my little chin and my nose but her eyes and forehead are all Ron. She also has a very long tongue which she definitely gets from me!

Me with Granny Grace

Anyone will agree that time appears to pass by faster as you get older and this couldn’t be more true for me right now. Experiencing a childhood through my own daughter makes me finally feel my age. For years I haven’t been able to put a number on how old I feel and I kept wondering when I would suddenly be a grown-up and wear make-up and high heels! I still only wear make-up on special occasions and haven’t worn heels since before I was a pregnant commuter in London!

Me with Grandpa Fred

The other day at a playgroup in North Sydney a woman asked me if I was the nanny and gestured at Amy and when I laughed and said she was mine, she said I just didn’t look old enough to be her mother. I didn’t know whether to be complemented or offended so I just laughed. I am proud to be mother to this crazy child of mine who is so full of personality and character and stubborness and reminds me so much of myself.

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