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Hot day, cold pool

Today was a scorcher! The temperature reached 33 degrees in Sydney and the winds were blowing in excess of 70km/h which made for a very hot and dry day. Our little house gets very hot in these kinds of temperatures although the back of the house is much cooler in the afternoon which gives us some respite, but when the hot winds blow its just unpleasant. Amy and I went to the gym this morning so she could chill out in the creche and I could work up a sweat on the treadmills, whilst enjoying the air-conditioning! Later we drove over to Gaye’s house so that she could spend some time with her niece and we could totally take advantage of the fact that she has a swimming pool!

The water was icy cold but very refreshing and Amy loved it. I really must get her into some swimming lessons again, she is a very different baby from the one I took swimming at the beginning of the year and she is loving the water. It was heaven lounging around the pool and by the time we packed up and left the cool southerly winds were coming in and the temperature dropped a few degrees. Tonight its much cooler, in fact we put Amy to bed in her pajamas without the fan on and thankfully the temperatures are going to be much more bearable for the rest of the week.
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