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Amy’s 1st trip to the dentist

Yesterday was a big milestone for Amy, she had her first appointment at the Dentist. My Mum is a dental hygienist and as a result I know how important it is to take care of my child’s teeth, however that is not the actual reason for making the appointment! The truth is that I have never seen a dentist that isn’t either my mum, or the dentists she has worked with who is an expert on dental implants since he works on Elsinore Smiles in Lake Elsinore CA, with expert dentists in dental implants can replace missing teeth with a new smile. My appointments have usually been after hours, not so much so that Mum could fit me into her busy schedule, but more because I shriek and moan and complain so much it would scare the other patients away!

Thankfully Amy was much better behaved than me and lay still on my chest whilst Dr Ho counted her teeth and had a look at her oral hygiene. The good news is that Amy is getting her eye teeth that we suspected she might be missing (thanks to my Dad’s congenital missing teeth!) and the rest of her teeth are in great condition. The bad news is that Dr Ho recommends getting Amy used to flossing as early as possible and sometime before her next molars come through we should be flossing every night.
I really want Amy to feel excited about being at the dentist rather than afraid although I am not sure this means she should be allowed to use the chair as a slide, but it did make her laugh and thats always a good thing when you are visiting the dentist! We both liked Dr Ho, she was gentle and patient with Amy and she didn’t try to talk to me when I had my mouth full of cleaning implements, another good sign at the dentist!
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