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Adam’s 1st birthday party at the trains

Today was Adam’s first birthday party. His parents Rosie and Stephen have become even better friends since we moved back to Sydney and Amy and Adam are three months apart in age and have become good friends. Stephen’s dad is a member of a miniature railway club and this was a fantastic venue for a childrens birthday party!

Amy loved going round on the trains, the grownups didn’t mind it too much either!
The ride was about ten minutes long depending on how fast the train in front was going. The railway was set in lovely bush and we had two tables reserved in a nice shady spot at the end of the ride so we could wave as everyone came in over the final bridge.
There were all sorts of trains from proper coal fueled steam engines to more modern electric ones. The steam engines were the best with their proper whistles and the authentic coal smoke.
Adam enjoyed his first go but towards the end of the day on his second go he fell asleep before the train even left the station!
We had a traditional Aussie sausage sizzle and salads and the kids ate far too many lollies (otherwise known as sweets!) thankfully we also managed to convince Amy to eat some fruit.
Amy was a trooper despite not having a morning sleep, she did have a rest in someone’s comfy chair halfway through the afternoon and then came home and had a brilliant nap, she was completely worn out. It was a great day, not too hot, not too long and just the right amount of entertainment to keep the kids distracted for long enough for us to actually have a discussion with our friends.

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