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Its time for another gardening update. This weekend we ate our first crop of rocket and it was fantastic! I used it in a chicken and asparagus risotto, as the lettuce on our mexican turkey burgers and then chopped it finally with lots of mint from the veg patch in a cous-cous and roasted peppers with feta salad. YUM!

The roses are thriving again, I didn’t mention how I blighted them with an aphid spray and thankfully they are coming back to life again and we have some beautiful flowers on both the bush outside our bedroom and the ones down the drive.
These roses make me very happy and they smell delicious too!
We worked like craxy people on the front garden this weekend. Margaret came over to watch Amy whilst Ron and I weeded the front lawn, trimmed the hedge, tied back a drooping tree and then Ron mowed whilst I raked. The end result is fantastic, it looks neat, clean and spacious and is much more welcoming! I will say it again though, jeez having a garden is hard work!
I had to take a photo of the jacaranda trees, they are starting to shoot out lots of new leaves, much later than the trees around them, but since the heavy rain at the end of last week there has been lots of growth. I can’t wait to see what they look like in summer.
I will leave you with a photo of one of the passionfruit (granadilla) blossoms. We are so excited by how well the vines are doing and hope that there are lots of helpful bees pollinating our flowers so we get lots of fruit over the summer. I love these flowers, they are such incredible looking works of nature.
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