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Its a special day. Today my blog turns ONE! Its been a year since we decided to start a blog to document Amy’s adventures so that our family and friends around the world could catch some of the action.

My first post was a copy of the birth announcement email

that Ron emailed out to friends and family at 2am after getting back from the hospital and not being able to sleep thanks to all the adrenalin.

Then we had the giant baby
terrorising a village on the Isle of Wight when Ron’s parents came over to visit us and meet their grand daughter.

Amy was able to spend quite a bit of time with her great grandparents Peter and Gwen which was very important to both Ron and I, especially since Peter passed away earlier this year.

There was the first time we left her for the night with my cousin Leigh while we celebrated Carol’s 30th birthday with a fantastic wine tasting party.

Then Amy laughed for the first time and listening to her actually made me cry, it was a truly emotional moment hearing that sound for the first time.

We celebrated Ron’s 33rd birthday with a day out in London
and then Ron and I splashed out on a very fancy dinner at Chez Bruce in Wandsworth. Mmmm, that was amazing.

Amy shunned milk in favour of a nice crisp Chardonnay
and seemed to grow and change almost overnight, one day happy to play with toys and then the next day destroying them!

Then the next phase of the adventure started and Amy flew with us to South Africa.

She met her great grandmother and her namesake in Cape Town

where she also slept in a cupboard,

climbed a mountain

and developed a taste for beer!

She still didn’t grow anymore hair, although she did grow a nice pair of teeth!

Before we left South Africa for Sydney, Amy had an African

Christmas, her first swim in a cold pool and started eating solid food.

And then we arrived in Sydney. There have been many milestones in the 10 months we have been living here. Amy was Christened,

learnt to crawl,

grew some more teeth,

hung out with the bad crowd

and made funny faces

on a ferry in Brisbane. She went to the Blue Mountains

and moved into our new house.

I finally had some time to think back to what was going on in our lives a year ago

before my parents arrived from South Africa for a special visit. Amy loved hanging out with her Gogga

and her Grandpa Packet

and even decided to show us she could walk.

Amy turned one!

and I had a chance to look back on her birth story

and I made a video to commemorate the occasion!

So much has happened in the last year and I can hardly believe where I am in my life right now. Ron and I are very happy and having Amy as a part of our lives every day has been such an incredible experience. Keeping this blog has been great fun and I am enjoying it more and more! I hope you keep reading – please drop me a comment sometime, don’t be shy!

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