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The Super Whites
Amy – 15 months

Amy has a great sense of humour but is not quick to laugh. Once I get her started I carry on and on and on because its the most delicious sound! She finds the strangest things delightful but I can usually get a giggle by tickling her under the armpits or poking her in the side!

Amy is very vocal at the moment and will happily talk to herself non-stop. She likes to shout and when she wakes up in a good mood she will run backwards and forwards shouting very loudly to her own amusement. She is still not saying much, her reportoire of words consists of dada, mama, bu-bye and sometimes hi. She asks for milk, biscuits, bananas and birdies but in words that only we understand. She gets very excited for bathtime and will run off shouting babime, babime!

Amy loves to turn the pages of books, any books and it makes storytime difficult because she wants to turn pages rather than hear the story. She loves yogurt and will usually abandon the spoon in favour of her fingers as a quicker way to get it to her mouth. I am not sure what her favourite food is, she adores pasta and will eat it cold and plain with no complaints. She still loves cheerios as a snack and will come running when I offer her a vegimite sandwich. Usually she will eat whatever we are having which makes it very easy taking her out and about with us.
This time two years ago I was just beginning to suspect that I might be pregnant. Looking back at my pregnancy diary my major early symptoms were feeling as hot as a furnace almost all the time but especially at night and being irritable all the time for no reason! I can’t believe its been more than two years, so much has happened since then and Ron and I are so lucky to be where we are now. Recently we have taken to sneaking into Amy’s room for a quick peek at her before we go to bed. We stand beside her cot and marvel at the tiny miracle we managed to make! Then one of us will stub a toe on the way out or I will suspect I spot a cockroach and we have to sneak out praying she doesn’t wake up!
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