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An early morning swim

In between gardening we managed a quick trip to the beach. Monday was a holiday and Amy was up uncharacteristically early at 6.30 so by 8am we were up and ready to get out. We drove across to Manly and met up with Sal and Paul and the boys who were on the beach with some other friends and their young children.

Amy went mad, I had warned Ron that this had happened the week before when we went to Bondi and sure enough, no sooner had we got down to the beach than she was off running towards the water! Nothing stopped her and Ron spent ages playing in the waves with her whilst I had a long leisurely swim with Sal. It was heavenly, the perfect outside temperature and although the water was freezing, I soon warmed up.
We only spent an hour or so before it got too hot around 11ish and we went to a cafe in nearby Curl-Curl for brunch before heading back home to finish up the garden. It was a wonderful morning and we are going to make an effort to do it more often, of course, this is one of the reasons why we moved to Sydney!
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