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The pond is gone

This weekend Ron worked like a madman in the garden to get rid of the much neglected pond. He lifted stones, pulled weeds, caught fish and moved massive amounts of dirt.

The pond was in a terrible state and we couldn’t believe that there were still 9 fish alive in that muck. We felt quite bad actually but they seemed ok when Ron fished them out with a sieve and we donated them to a friend down the road who has a fish pond in his garden.
Once all the stones were moved away it was fairly easy to dig out the membrane and fish out the mucky stuff so it could be drained with a bucket.
We dug out the lilies at the top end of the pond and transplanted them into a pretty pot we discovered under the house (my job!) and moved the other three to a spot above the veg patch that was crying out for some greenery.
It was a long, hot day but we finished up feeling very satisfied with the results. The garden looks neater and more organised already and we are both relieved the pond is finally gone!
The next day we had a slow start but after we dropped Amy round at her Grandparents to spend the afternoon, we both got working again. I planted the bottom tier of the veg patch with carrot and spring onion from seeds whilst Ron finished smoothing over the dirt and leveling the last of the earth.

It was seriously hot this weekend and the temperature is set to rise again this week. Bush fire season has started and it seems the drought is never ending. We are very careful about watering the veg patch with a watering can and only using the hose on Wednesdays and Sundays in the early evening. We have also started recycling Amy’s bathwater on the veg patch if we can summon the energy to fill buckets.
All this water conservation aside, we have decided that the one thing this garden is crying out for is a spa! The pergola construction thingy on the back of the rumpus room would be absolutely perfect for one so we have started looking online to see if we can pick up a cheap one. Ron has a mate who could install it for us and I am already dreaming about hot summer nights in the jacuzzi with a cold glass of wine! (I wonder if Amy’s baby monitor will work this far from the house?!?)

The finished garden looks great. We have rearranged the stones around the trees and plants at the back in a semblance of a rockery and it actually looks really good. The big stones have been laid next to the rumpus room as a path to the shed and pergola and although I was hesitant at first, it actually looks great and helps break up the lines in the garden. The bare dirt where the pond used to be is an eyesore and we are not really sure what to do about it. The grass doesn’t grow very well down there anyway as its mostly in the shade but we have decided to live with it for a while and see what we come up with.
The best thing is that we now have a garden that is a safe haven for kids to play in and although I will have to be down on the lawn when Amy is playing because of the underneath of the house, its such a relief not to have to worry about the deathtrap that was a foot of water at the bottom of the garden!
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