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Dinner out and a baby in a pram

A while ago now Ron’s aunt and uncle were down in Sydney for a week on holiday. We met up with them for dinner one night at the Tapas restaurant that Gaye (my sister-in-law) works at and she treated us to an incredible feast!

Amy was an angel and had her bottle and then went to sleep in her pram next to us for a few hours as the adults drank jug after jug of sangria which Gaye assured us was relatively mild. Yeah right. We ate and drank an incredible amount and then just when the evening was winding down and we were eating dessert, Amy woke up for a quick hello. She is always so happy and suprised to see us when she wakes up in those kind of situations which is very sweet so she had cuddles all round before we left and at home she promptly fell asleep in her cot without any protest, lovely, because Ron and I needed to pass out in a food and sangria coma.
Check out this paella lovingly crafted by Gaye. Sadly it came right at the end of the meal and we were all too stuffed to do it much justice so I took it home in a box to eat off for the next few days. The prawns were heavenly!
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