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From breast to bottle to bed

I think I know why Amy wakes up with her hair standing on end. It might be because her Dad enjoys styling it into a mohawk after her bath!

I am thinking that this might be the last time that Amy has a bottle before bed. She will drink cold milk from a cup with a lid during the day and has so much dairy in her diet that I am not concerned about her missing out on this bottle. She has never really drunk that much at night anyway, not since she self-weaned off the breast at around 10 months. I remember now how worried I was when she lost interest in the breast and how I obsessed about giving her formula for her bedtime feed for ages. She never drank more than about 140mls so she really wasn’t that fussed and now she will drink the same or thereabouts but I have the feeling she won’t even notice if we just give her a cuddle and read her a story without the bottle. That way I won’t need to brush her teeth again before we put her down. Its just another small change as Amy grows from the baby she was into the little girl she is becoming.
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