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Moving to Sydney from London has been such a great way to get to know this city. I arrived slightly jaded and a bit cynical about the benefits of living in a large metropolitan city and as a result I have been well and truly spoiled by all that Sydney has to offer. Firstly I have to say that getting around the city has been only a pleasure. I need to clarify that this means driving in our case although Amy and I did get the bus into the city once from Five Dock and you know what, it was a bloody hassle!

Driving in London was something I did almost everyday after Amy was born. Despite the traffic and the unpredictability of it all, it was the easiest way to get from Point A to Point B with a baby in tow. We did use the underground a fair bit for trips into the city but only with friends because it was incredible how unhelpful people could be when confronted with a mum trying to manoeuvre a heavy pram and baby up and down stairs. I don’t know why I was surprised, these were the same commuters who tried so hard to ignore my massively pregnant (standing up!) belly jutting into their newspaper only a few short months before!

Driving in Sydney is a whole different affair, we have driven at all times during the day and rush hour is just that, approximately an hour when traffic will slow to a crawl, but YOU CAN STILL GET TO WHERE YOU ARE GOING! This has been a revelation for us. To know that if we decide to go to North Sydney for playgroup at the last minute, we can leave home at 9.15am and still get there by 10 in time for the latte man to take our order! (posh playgroup!) And so when Caro called at 8.30am on Tuesday morning, the first thing I thought was “gosh I am glad we are actually awake” and secondly “we don’t need an excuse to skip gym and go to the beach” I love having friends who live in Bondi!

We left at 9.15am and arrived in Bondi at 10.10 after moderate traffic to the city and the brilliant cross-city tunnel all the way through. (pure genius!) We met Caro and Tallulah and headed straight to the Northern side of the beach where there is a children’s paddling pool and lots of child friendly people. Amy looked too adorable in her rashie (UV suit) and she is being very good about keeping her hat on, I slathered her in suncream and she ran off and went nuts, she has no fear and at one stage looked like making a run for it into the waves, thankfully Caro rescued her before she got taken out by a proper wave!

I had an excellent dip in the very inviting but still cold water and then we went back to Caro’s for some lunch before we drove home later that afternoon, the boot laden with boxes of books and clothes that Caro has kindly handed down to us. It was a lovely, spontaneous, fun day out and I can’t wait to get out to the beach more often now that the weather seems to be really warming up. Amy slept all the way home and still went into her cot for another hour. Bliss!

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