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Vegetable garden

Do you remember when it looked like this? And then with some hard work like this….

It was turned into something a little more like this?

Close up views will show brown onions, looking very frail and tiny but growing nonetheless.

And what the label describes as squash but I know as patty pans. These are flourishing even though a friendly slug has taken a few bites out of some of the lower hanging leaves. I need to get out with some fresh coffee grounds tomorrow as a deterrant.

We are not sure about the garlic, its not clear whether its bulb garlic or wild garlic which is kind of like a chive. We will let it grow for a while before we experiment.
The tomatoes are going to need staking but we are going to let them establish themselves first.
And here is the finished product, neatly edged and weeded with a bird deterring net over the top which also protects our passionfruit (grenadilla for the Saffers!) vine growing like mad on the fence behind!
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