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We are very excited about our garden, as you might have gathered by the plethora of posts about things as mundane as weeding, pruning and now planting a vegetable garden! When we were looking around the house and garden with a view to purchasing, the simple layout of the deck and lawn really appealed to us. The lawn does slope but not too much (not as severely as it looks in this photo!) but its even and looks so fantastic after its been freshly mown – thanks Ron!

In the photo above the tiered garden on the left was an overgrown jungle but we finally finished the work started by my Mum and Dad and now its neatly planted with veg.

Look how the creeper on the deck has gone mad in the Spring?
This is our project for the Labour day long weekend. We are going to get rid of this deathtrap, mosquito breeding patch. We are not entirely sure what we will do with the space, for now we are concentrating on draining it and digging out the membrane. We will probably fill it (with earth our neighbour John is excavating from his front garden this weekend – convenient!) and then use some of the flat rocks for a path down the side of the rumpus room. The rest, maybe a rough sort of rockery, I think its going to be a work in progress! I can’t wait for it to be gone so I can weed to my hearts content and not panic every other second about where Amy is!
In other garden news, look what I found growing on the supposedly dead plant in a pot that we hid with the junk around the corner of the garage?
This old dead branch came to life and grew a beautiful flower. We have moved it back to pride of place at the front of the garage and its already growing little creeping things that look like they need somewhere to climb up!
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