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Amy – 15 months
Amy is nearly 15 months old and its time for an update. Development is happening at an alarmingly fast rate and I still haven’t caught up with any reading about where we should be. I think this is a symptom of having a very easy and relaxed baby and I am ever grateful that I don’t have to rush off to the textbooks every week to try and diagnose what is going on with my child. (actually, looking at these pictures again I think my child might have to consult the textbooks about her parents when she is old enough to!)
I will start with sleep. It seems that for the first time, talking out loud about something has actually caused it to get better through no effort on my behalf! Usually when you mention that things are going well you can almost guarantee that everything will go pearshaped almost immediately however in this instance it seems karma has come good and mentioning Amy’s night terrors has resolved her issues! Like I have talked about before, we went from once a night wake ups where we could settle Amy again very easily with a pat and her dummy, pushing her gently back down again if she was sitting up, to hysterical crying and manic arm waving and panics that were happening even three or four times a week. We tried a few things from leaving a radio on in her bedroom tuned quietly to a talk radio station but maybe it was all the talk of politics that gave her nightmares, I know it can drive one crazy coming up to the announcement of our federal elections! Finally Ron and I resorted to letting her cry. I read up extensively on night terrors and sleep disorders and it seemed as though Amy was experiencing a classic “night terror” episode which is classed by all the symptoms she was showing and I was most relieved to read that young children are unlikely to remember these episodes the next day unlike nightmares which can cause sleep issues.
I had her checked over by the Dr (sadly my Dr McDreamy has left the surgery, turns out he was only on rotation and has probably gone on to much more exciting things like life-saving surgery!) and she was ruled in good health although it was clear that she had been fighting an infection of some kind because she had a weekend of high temps and general grumpiness. The lovely (lady) Dr said she wasn’t ill and so I felt secure in our decision to let her cry. The first night was horrible, she woke around 1.30 and we left her sobbing and hiccuping for over 30 minutes until she drifted off to sleep again and didn’t wake until 7.45am the next morning. I found it very difficult not to get up and go into her for some reason these night episodes have seemed to erode my faith in myself as a mother because all the tricks I have come to rely on just don’t work to settle my baby. The second night was better and although she might have woken twice, both times she went off to sleep much quicker and we had already turned a corner.

Since then Ron and I don’t wake up anymore when she squeaks and sometimes she will cry once and then is asleep again before I have even registered she is awake. She goes down easily although she will sometimes cry briefly and she is sleeping consistently through the night till 7.30 or 8am. We have all fallen very comfortably into a routine where Ron gets her up and starts getting breakfast ready, I surface slowly, listening to the radio and then come through and get the coffee machine going. Then I make Ron’s lunch while they eat weetbix together and then Amy and I play and read books while Ron showers. I value these mornings spent together, its happy time because Amy wakes up in such a good mood and I am getting a lot of sleep so feel very rested. I can’t say the same for my husband who has been staying up till all hours watching rugby and cricket!

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