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Birdsnest hair

Amy’s hair is growing rather mullet like and I am not quite sure what to do about this. The tiny pig tails are quite effective, except for the fact that she thinks I am pulling her hair out one strand at a time when I try and put them in so its a toddler versus mother wrestling match and I wonder who wins that one? (just in case you didn’t get it, she wins everytime!)

It looks quite sweet from the back but I have to admit, a bit silly from the front because she just has not much hair at all! And her Daddy’s cowslick, nice one Ron! I wonder if we should just give her a little trim round the back, but ack, its my baby’s hair, I don’t want to cut it, its taken her this long to grow any!
Its amazing how much you learn with the gift of hindsight, like brushing her teeth each day before she even had any, maybe I should have been brushing her hair just to get her used to it, now when she wakes up with a birds nest on her head, its a battle of wills for me to get it flattened down! Aaah, parenting, we end up so much wiser than we were before!
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