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Fathers Day

We celebrated Father’s Day here in Sydney recently and in the ongoing tradition of giving each other culinary gifts, Ron got a big, new, shiny BBQ as his fathers day present!

We got carried away and spent a bit more money than we intended, but boy have we used this beast a lot since and its one of those “lifer” items which should last a long, long time. The extra money spent has bought us an enamel body (weather resistant and durable), a three burner gas ring on the wok burner on the side (for extra, extra hot wok cooking!) and the gas bottle lives inside so safely away from little fingers!

We cooked a deboned leg of lamb on the bbq for Father’s Day and Ron’s parents came round to enjoy it with us. It was heavenly and we had a lovely meal out on the deck.
Amy enjoyed dining outside but wasn’t impressed that we made her wear her crocs which are still at least two sizes too big! (what?? they are the most practical outdoor shoe for kids, dirty, just wash them, cold, just wear socks!!!!!)
Later that night Amy had a bubble bath with her Daddy. It seems strange to look at the photo on the back of this shirt and think back to that tiny baby that we brought home from the hospital. There is no doubt that Amy is a Daddy’s girl, she adores her Dad, her face lights up when she sees him, she will always give Ron a kiss where she won’t give me one and she cries when she has to say “bubye Dadda” in the morning.
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