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A few more house pics while I am on a mission. Below is a pic of our lounge, its not a big room and its a throughfare from the kitchen, through to the deck/garden and off to the bedrooms and bathroom. But its a lovely, light, airy room that gets the sun in the morning and is lovely and cool in the afternoon. On the couch is the cushion I made a few weeks ago, its a bit lumpy from the stuffing I used but I love the colours and will make a few more when I get some time.

This is the bedroom in the afternoon with the warm sun. I LOVE the window and the curtains that Mum made with my help, it completes the room and its such a lovely place to be. We did however have a gap in front of the window because of the computer table on the right. I wasn’t sure what piece of furniture would fit there until we found our bedside tables in a little shop in Parramatta.
At the very back of the shop we found the chair in the pic below. I am not sure what to call it, its not a chaise but its also not actually a chair, but it is lovely and really completes the room.

We are using our deck more and more now as the weather warms up. I am enjoying watching the view change as the trees sprout their spring colours. The deck gets full sun in the morning and its too warm actually to sit out there, but in the afternoon it gets a lovely cool breeze and Amy loves running around outside.

There have been a few thunderstorms over the last weeks which I love. On Friday a sudden storm came up and blew over almost as quickly leaving a lovely sunset across the valley.

Coming soon, photos of the work we did on our veg patch this weekend. Ron dug out the weeds that had grown up prolifically since Mum cleared the ground in July. Then yesterday we went to a garden centre and bought a selection of veg and herbs for dummys which we managed to get planted just in time for Amy’s return from her Grandparents where she had spent the afternoon. I sincerely hope we can keep this patch alive so I am off to water it with Amy’s bathwater right now!
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