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Vegetable gardening

There is so much going on in our garden, its very exciting. Now if we could just get ourselves organised and get something planted in our veg patch! The passionfruit vine that we had to pull apart when we (actually Mum!) was clearing it, has thankfully weathered the trauma and sent out loads of new shoots and then last week I saw some large bud like structures appear.
Then this week they opened up and turned into these beautiful flowers which I am lead to believe will eventually turn into passionfruits, yay! The miracle of nature!

And our lemon tree is loving its new spacious garden and has suddenly sprouted 10 lemons which are growing rapidly! I can’t wait till they ripen, G&T’s for everyone! (except Amy of course!)
Today Ron spent an hour clearing one of the tiered veg beds, the top one, in preparation of getting round to some planting at some stage, however we had to postpone plans to rush off and visit new baby Samuel in the hospital so we will see if we can pop to the garden centre tomorrow to pick up some veg to plant.
Its back breaking work clearing the weeds but the soil is good and rich under its carpet of green.
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