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The Super Whites
Long weekends

This weekend was the apec long weekend and we went over to the northern beaches to visit Sal and Paul and the boys on Friday. We had intended to go out on their boat but the weather conspired against us and instead the boys went for a quick bike ride and the girls took Amy for a walk down to the park before we all got caught in the rain and rushed home for cups of tea!

The kids had supper and baths before getting ready for bed so the grownups could have dinner as cooked by Paul. We had a delicious chorizo and veg soup to start followed by Paul’s famous mushroom risotto and then finished off with a cheese plate and a bottle of our brokenwood dessert wine.

Sal kindly volunteered to read the bedtime stories!
The next morning we were all up early, Amy had slept like an angel after a bit of crying to get her to sleep. We decided to head down to the water and see if there was a break in the weather for us to get the boat in. We were lucky, although it rained like mad as we were driving down, it cleared just as we arrived!
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