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The Super Whites
Boating with friends

We couldn’t have timed it better! As we motored out through the marina’s and yachts, the clouds lifted and blew away and the sun came out. It wasn’t windy and the water was so clear we could see the jellyfish floating around the boat.

Amy was a little uncomfortable in her lifejacket but soon became distracted by the seagulls flying around us and the motion of the boat as we left the 4 knott area and sped up.

We were so pleased that Amy was enjoying herself and we all felt very pleased with ourselves for getting up early and catching such a perfect window of weather on the water!
The best boating footwear, I don’t care what you think! (Ok, so the socks are a little too much but it was a bit chilly when we left!)
Wildlife spotted in the campsite when we stopped for a loo break and to get some coffees from the floating tuckshop (genius!) We had an argument about whether this was a Wallaby or a Kangaroo and eventually decided that they are smaller and darker and therefore it is a wallaby.
There was no argument about the Pelican, but they are a lot bigger the closer you get!
Amy was an angel despite missing her morning nap so we could get up and going. She wasn’t bothered by the sound of the motor and loved watching the water. We made sure she had plenty of snacks and was warm enough, although in the sun it was hot enough to worry about suntan lotion!

We narrowly avoided a brief shower by racing off towards the sun and the wind did pick up a little as we made our way back but Amy was content to cuddle up out of the breeze.
Amy even had a go at driving the boat, Paul was impressed with her coordination skills.
We motored gently around scotland island picking out the houses we would like to live in and admiring the boats at mooring,. it was an idyllic morning.
The boys tried to spot pirates and the grown-ups resolved to play the lottery more often so we could afford a holiday house!
We had such a wonderful morning out on the boat and were all so pleased it worked out so well, its such a relief to know that Amy is happy to be out on the water and not afraid of the boat. Next step is to get her used to sleeping in a tent and then there are so many adventures ahead!
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