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The Super Whites
Visiting friends at the beach

I wish I could say that this is what we are going to be doing today when we go and visit Sal and Paul and the boys. Sadly these pics are from the last time we took a drive over to the Northern Beaches for a Sunday lunch with them. It was still bitterly cold but the sun was out and we had a walk on the beach where Amy still managed to eat a few kilos of sand!

Today is a holiday for most of greater Sydney thanks to the APEC leaders meeting in the City. The news is full of the street closures and motorcades and protesters demanding their democratic right to protest. We are doing the sensible thing and taking a bottle of brokenwood’s finest dessert wine and a basket of fruit and cheese across to the Reid’s for a night in. I am sure conversation will turn to politics at some stage, hopefully not before the cheese course!

We are sad we won’t be going out on their boat this time, but hopefully next time the weather is a little warmer and less wet!

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