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Roses and gardening

Ron and I are starting to realise how much work having a garden really is! We have never tended a garden before, our small courtyard garden in London had some ivy and three pots which didn’t take much effort. But Ron is persistent and has a green thumb, he even managed to grow two tomatoes in London! We have undertaken quite a few projects in the garden already, one of them being the rose bushes in the front yard pictured below before pruning.

I enlisted the help of our lovely neighbour across the road, Gwen who has pruned these roses for the previous owners before so she knew what she was doing. She chopped the first two and then stood by and watched as I had a go at the second two bushes. This is what they looked like after their haircut!!

And this is how they looked last week, the first of the new growth looks promising, most of the pruned stems have shot out little shoots just where they are suppsed to and its all growing fast even though I still haven’t given them their special rose feed!
This is a close up of a new growth, you can see where it was pruned and how its growing. So far so good, this week there is even more growth, I will take some pics this weekend and show you the difference a few days can make!
I love being a grown-up with my very own rose bushes! My Gogga, the original rose lady, would be proud!
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