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The weather is warming up in Sydney. The temperature reached 27 degrees on both Monday and Tuesday and Amy and I are thriving in it! I feel excited and optimistic, I daydream about Amy running through sprinklers and having her first proper swim in the sea. I have been wearing t-shirts and short trousers and I even gave myself a pedicure on the weekend in anticipation of wearing my slip-slops!

On Monday we went round to Sonya’s house to play in her garden. She has the perfect backyard for kids, its flat and big and opens out from the backdoor. They have a climbing set just the right height for our one year olds and two clam shells full of toys. The kids were in heaven! It actually got too hot in the afternoon so we retreated indoors and sat in the lounge drinking coffee and having interrupted conversations, as you do when you are keeping an eye on toddlers!

Amy and Lucas were having great fun, running into the kitchen and playing together. At one point we heard them both giggling and we snuck a look, they were doing this hysterical dance thing were Amy would stamp her feet and then Lucas would laugh, then he would do it and Amy would giggle. I felt strangely overcome with emotion watching this scene. Amy is learning to interact and relate to other children, she is sharing her feelings and communicating. She is developing her personality and its a fascinating thing to watch!
Tuesday we spent the day at home and Rosie and Adam came over to play. Amy is very sweet with Adam who is exactly three months younger than she is. Amy has recently shown some tendancy to tantrum when other children try and take toys off her on some occasions, the day before at Sonya’s while Amy played so sweetly with Lucas, she and Owen just couldn’t play without someone ending up in tears! If he had a wooden block, she wanted it, if she was reading a book, he tried to take it off her, they wouldn’t share and Amy would shriek like a banshee if he came near her. Nic and I could only laugh because really, they are only babies and have no concept of sharing yet as hard as we try! But Amy is very tolerant of Adam and shares happily with him. She patiently “explains” things to him and he follows her around at a rapid crawl like a sweet puppy! I suppose at some point in Amy’s future there are going to be situations where we no longer go round to someone’s house to play because the kids don’t get along and I imagine friendships with parents might even be made or broken as a result.
Yesterday we went to the park in Five Dock to meet up with our mothers group. It was another warm day, not so hot as before though and a bit cloudy. Its an endless battle to keep hats on our children’s heads. I bought Amy a new hat on the weekend which ties around the head tightly and has a toggle under her chin. She will actually keep this on which is a great result.
The kids were all very good, Amy ate all her lunch (steamed green beans, cubes of cheese, chunks of avo) sitting next to me on the picnic blanket and then they all played together around a table in the playground. Amy would pick up big handfuls of bark off the ground and put it on the table and then the other kids would sweep it back onto the ground. Us mums sat around and picked at our lunches and talked about sleep issues, teething, sex after babies, the usual mothers group conversations!

Amy is wearing Lucas’s top in these pics because I was a bad mummy and forgot to bring her jersey and the wind was actually cool enough to chill! However this is not far from what Amy looks like most of the time, I am suprised that more people don’t mistake her for a boy, it must be her pretty face and those eyelashes!
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