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Lunar eclipse

Tonight we witnessed a very special lunar eclipse. The moon turned a beautiful shade of red as the shadow of the earth passed across its face. The moon rose through the trees at the bottom of our garden at around 6.30pm.

I started taking photos around 7.15pm and carried on at regular intervals until the eclipse was full which occured at 8.37pm.

At first you could barely make out the bite at the bottom as the earth passed in front of the sun.
But then the bite got bigger and the moon slowly started to change colour.
Until the moon was obscured and hung heavy in the sky, a dark red colour.
This was spectacular and we could see it so clearly from our deck where I had my camera set up on a tripod. It was beautiful sitting still outside, the air still warm from today’s record 27 degrees!

And then the red moon moved slowly upwards in the sky (well ok, technically we were moving down, but whatever!)

Until the light of the sun started to show at the very top again about two hours after it had first started to disappear.
And then the whole process happened in the other direction. This is where I got tired of the mozzies and so I went inside and made a cushion for our lounge with my new sewing machine!
What an awesome event to witness!
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