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Amy – 14 months

Its time for an updated report on how Amy is growing and developing. Amy will be 14 months old in a week or so and we are entering another phase of parenting now that we have a tiny toddler sized dictator living in our home! I would never say that the last few months have been easy, but there has certainly been a quiet sense of accomplishment as we all settled into our new house and Amy settled into a really good sleeping, napping and eating routine.

I still miss breastfeeding my baby and at times its even a physical tug as I remember the intimate connection I shared with her when she lay in my arms, however she is growing and maturing so quickly now that I can hardly reconcile that tiny baby with my big girl. Amy has switched from formula to cows milk without a hitch despite my concerns that she would never take cows milk in a bottle. We dropped the morning bottle about a month ago now and although both Ron and I miss those quiet cuddles in bed together, we love our boisterous child who races into the kitchen in the morning and gestures wildly at the cupboard until we start getting her weetbix ready. Ron will usually make a double bowl of brekkie for them both which they share so sometimes she might eat three, on other days if Ron’s really hungry she might only get 1 ½! Amy still has a bottle at bedtime and she will happily drink much more cows milk than she ever had when it was formula.
The bedtime bottle is just one of many routines and habits that we need to re-examine now that Amy has turned one so my project for the next few weeks is to do some internet research, poll my mothers group and consult the books. I have lots of questions: “when do we drop the bottle in the evenings and just have a cup?”, “when will the daytime nap segue into one sleep rather than two?”, “how early can we think about potty training?”, “how should we be managing night terrors?”. Suddenly the weeks seem to be rushing past us again and there is so much to learn and look forward to with raising a toddler who is learning to speak and run and play.
Amy is eating much better these days. I am certain now thanks to that magical parenting gift of hindsight that the reason she went off her food for a few weeks back in July was due to her molars coming through. All four came through within a few days of each other over a period of a month and there is no doubt that this must have been bloody uncomfortable! Now she has 12 teeth and a healthy appetite and its no longer a fight to get her to eat anything. She still wants to feed herself and its incredible how quickly her motor skills are developing because she can handle a spoon much better now than even just a few weeks ago. She can shovel in mouthfuls of weetbix and we often leave her to feed herself her suppertime yogurt on her own because afterwards we just chuck her in the bath! I am looking forward to the warmer weather when she can eat outside and get covered in it and not worry about catching cold or supper on the carpet!
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