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Coffee with Gogga

On one of Mum’s last days in Sydney we went to Centennial Park to meet up with my old school friend, Caro and her daughter. Unfortunately it was windy and wet so we popped in to visit the horses at the stable and went for a coffee instead of the planned walk.

It was lovely to catch up and must have been very strange for Mum to see Caro and I with our children since she remembers so well when we were just kids ourselves and in a lift club for the school run!

We had a lovely coffee and cake and then went to the childrens play area so the girls could let off a bit of steam. Amy loved the springy things (not sure what to call them!) and wanted to try them all.

We mucked around at the wall of funny mirrors, Mum and I liked this one the best, it makes you look skinny!

Amy also loved the slide and would have kept on going on it all afternoon if we didn’t drag her away! (new blogger video below, hmm, will see how that works, its better than having to embed it from Youuutube)

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