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Its time for some housey stuff. Firstly is a little project that I took on when Mum was here, and as a result, finished it! Thanks Mum! Amy was sleeping manically as usual, turning, moving, crawling into corners and so I made the controversial decision to make a cot bumper. Controversial because Mums all over the world are divided on the issue of soft things inside cots.

Some experts recommend nothing soft inside a cot, no toys, no pillows, no quilts, nothing that a baby could turn into and choke on or suffocate under. Wow, its even sending my heartrate soaring just thinking about it. But Amy is no longer a baby (sob!) she is now a little person, and one who sleeps like a gymnast in training and as a result she often wedges herself up against the bars of her cot and this wakes her up. See below photo where we have softened the edges of the cot with blankets. I figured since she was big enough to turn over if she got uncomfortable or couldn’t breathe, I wanted to make a pretty cot bumper with my new sewing machine.

Thanks to Mum it turned out really well, its basically two big sausages with ties on that tie right at the bottom of the bars (no choking or strangling hazard!) and it fits around almost the whole cot. The top and bottom end where there is a little gap are now filled with two soft teddies so Amy can play for a while when she wakes up from a nap.

Its hard to say whether this bumper has actually helped Amy sleeping, she is waking up fairly regularily now in the middle of the night with what we think is a night terror, but she intersperses these with nights where she sleeps for 13 hours solid, not a peep!

Whilst Mum was here we made marmalade with the oranges snaffled off our next door neighbours tree! We did receive a bag from the neighbour on the other side as well and Mum and I turned it into this! Its been well received by the various people we have given a jar to and I made a delicious marmalade cake with a bottle so it was a good effort.

This week I attempted to make another batch for my mum-in-laws church fete which didn’t work out so well. This time I followed the recipe on the back of the sugar packet and sure enough it did set within ten minutes (unlike the 1 hour it took last time!) but the end result is nowhere near as nice, its more like a jelly than a jam. Oh well, I hope it sells at the fete!

Below is a photo of me changing the wire fuse in an old ceramic fuse from our electricity box. The wiring in the house is up to date and we have the requisite trip switches, but we still have the old ceramic and wire fuses which confused the hell out of Ron and I the first time the power went. Luckily we have an electrician living two doors up and John (from Manchester) gladly came down and helped us change the fuse after I blew it trying to use the microwave and kettle at the same time. Its happened a few times since and now I am an old pro at whipping out the hot burnt out fuse and stringing in a new wire before replacing it! These are something that we are looking to get replaced with the new, easier to operate trip switches at some stage, in the meantime we keep a handy roll of fuse wire with the torch and Ron’s leatherman tool just in case

Mum and I bought a raw table for the computer in our bedroom with the intention of staining it to match the chest of drawers in the bedroom. It was a fairly laborious process especially because it really did need to be sanded and varnished for a perfect finish, but it turned out beautifully and I really love it in our bedroom.

Here I am applying the final coat of varnish to the finished product.
Of course now we have finally bought bedside tables and a chaise chair in dark mahogany wood so the room looks totally mismatched and I am tempted to sand it down, stain it darker and get rid of the light coloured chest of drawers. Ugh, its so annoying, why can’t I be better at this home decorating thing? Its hard having never before felt inclined to actually decorate because we have always lived in rented houses making it hard to put down roots and really decorate. What am I saying, I love it!
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