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Missing my baby sister – Happy Birthday Liv!
(sorry its a day late!)

My baby sister celebrated her birthday yesterday and we missed her loads. I was thinking about her all day here in Sydney, even though she was mostly still asleep! I spoke to her later in my evening and it was lovely to hear her voice. She is having a good time of it back in Joburg at the moment and is hoping to make plans to come over and visit us soon enough!

Yay, I really do miss my sister, we had such a lot of time together in London, off and on while she was in the UK and I miss just hanging out and relaxing together. I especially miss her and her relationship with her niece.

Liv was with me for the last few weeks of my pregnancy but sadly due to Miss Amy being as stubborn as her Dad, Liv had to leave the day before I finally gave birth! She spent an anxious night in the air wondering what was happening back in London and so she never got to meet Amy as a newborn. Instead she came back a few months later when Amy was just beginnging to develop her personality and she spent endless hours playing patiently with Amy. Amy reserved her biggest smiles for her Tannie (auntie) and it was lovely seeing them together.
I know that Liv misses Amy more than she can describe, and I speak on behalf of my baby when I say she misses you too!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday and we can’t wait to see you in person, some time in the near future!
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