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Sore throats and overseas visitors

Ok, so its been nearly a week since I last posted! I have an excuse, its called Pharangitis and it involves pus and my throat! Ugh, its not very nice, in fact I have to say that seeing as though this is my third infection this winter, this one is nasty! I have actually spent the weekend in bed which is most unusual for me. Poor Amy has only seen me occasionally when Ron pops her head round the door to see that yes she still has a mommy, only she is currently folled in the foetal position, moaning for more aspirin!

In more exciting news our friend Mike finally arrived this morning! Hooray! I use the word ‘finally’ because Mike had a few issues with his visa and so he missed his first flight out! Now for those of you who have been watching too many episodes of “Border Control”, Mike is not actually wanted for a mysterious crime in anther country, he is in fact a South African and we need more than the usual electronic visa for entry into Australia. Luckily he was able to resolve it all very quickly and he arrived this morning. On a day that has seen most of the greater Sydney area receive its total rain allowance for August, in one day! nice work Mike!

Plans for golf were scrapped and instead we took me to the Dr (Yay penicilllin!) and then drove the scenic route to Bondi for lunch. We had a pub meal at the Bondi hotel, took a brief walk towards the water and were promptly blown straight back up the road again so we drove home!

Tomorrow Mike is doing a twilight bridge climb and then Ron and I are meeting him in the city for dinner and a drink after. I hope that my meds kick in and I actually feel well enough to get out of bed and get dressed, which will be a big improvement on the last three days where I have barely managed the getting out of bed, let alone the getting dressed!
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