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The Super Whites
Amy at the pub with Gogga and Packet

Its time for some more videos of Amy. I am trying to file, title and archive my photos as I upload them. When we bought the nex pc earlier this year I had ambitions for a fancy system with cross referencing, archiving and easy-to-find pics, what I ended up with is a never ending headache as I try to sort through my life in digital photos. Its so frustrating as I am certain I have everything uploaded and saved on the harddrive and yet there are pics I can’t find. I can’t look for them because I methodically went through every CD I had and saved the pics so it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. So to say. And I was never very good at dating or naming my pics in an orderly fashion. Oops.

But things are looking slightly cleaner and doing it as I upload makes a big difference, duh! Its fun going through the old files and I should have access to even more pics as my stuff has arrived from South Africa courtesy of Sal and Paul’s storage container! Hooray! I might have to take a trip down memory lane on the blog for fun!

In the meantime, some video. This one is a very happy (recent) memory! Amy at the Hunter Valley with us and her Gogga and Grandpa Packet. We had a pub lunch and Amy sat up at the table and entertained us and the people in her nearby vicinity!

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