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Bronte to Bondi via the stairs

This is going back a fair way, but while Mum was here we did the Bronte to Bondi coastal walk with some friends. We were invited to join a friend of Mums whose daughter has a son the same age as Amy so I was very suprised to discover the walk involved loads of stairs! It was a pity as I hadn’t brought the light Mclaren but instead loaded up the heavy old pram with everything we might need for a day away from home.

Luckily the walk was more than picturesque enough to make up for the flights of stairs we had to lug Amy and the pram, up and down! Although the wind was blowing hard enough to blow the spray back into our faces at one point!

We ended up having lunch somewhere lovely in Bondi, if I could only remember where! We had huge salads, the best kind, chock full of things that really don’t belong in a salad, like croutons, lashings of cheese and in my case lots of deep fried seafood!

I liked this pic because its so unusual to see Bondi beach so empty on what looks like such a glorious day! It was very sunny, but freezing in the wind! (And the person in the foreground dressed head to toe in black leather looking all the world like they are dead, actually alive, just in case you were wondering! Probably sleeping off a big night out!)
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