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The Super Whites
Possums, magpies and Amy

As well as the Rainbow Lorikeets we have in our backyard, we are also plagued by Magpies. At Amy’s birthday party after we had all moved inside due to the cold, they descended enmasse and Ron counted more than 10 perched along the rails looking for food to scavenge. In fact one even swooped in and stole a cheese straw when no one was looking.

Everyone joked about getting a catty to shoot at them with to dissuade them from hanging around and that was a good idea until we looked it up on the internet and discovered they are in fact a protected species here in New South Wales! Oops! Since then they have become less persistent but it might be because we aren’t out on the deck much as its still too cold.
In other wildlife news, we finally saw the Possum that we suspect lives in our roof! Whilst Mum was here she heard something in the roof a few times thanks to being awake at all hours with jetlag and Ron and I were sceptical until we found evidence one morning! Possum poop on the deck! I looked it up on the internet ( or the like!) and its definitely possum. So I made a few calls and discovered that not only is it illegal to rehome possums, but its also very expensive to get a professional to come round and all they do is check your roof and suggest making a possum box in a nearby tree to rehouse them in.
So we are going to live with the possum, we are still not entirely sure its actually in the roof, it might just be the noise of it using the flat part of the roof to get into its tree. Last night Ron was in the garden gathering up rubbish and bits and he came and called me outside. Amy and I went into the garden and Ron shone the torch up at what is clearly a possum in the big tree next to the house! We have a possum!
This is clearly not a picture of a possum, but its a cute pic of my precious in her dressing gown before bathtime!
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