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Sewing machine

Another long overdue post! Whilst Mum was here we went shopping for a present from Marg, my aunt. She had decided to buy me a sewing machine and Mum and I went looking for what we had in mind. We ended up buying an Elna which is the same brand of machine that Mum has had for 30 years or more. The new machine is made of plastic and less sturdy looking than Mum’s old metal machine, but its got the same basic functions and is easy to use.

Mum and I then made the curtains for our bedroom (pics to follow, I promise) and did a few other odd jobs like take in my new jeans and sew up the holes in Ron’s trouser pockets. I feel brave enough to take on a job myself soon, will let you know how I do!

Thanks Marg! I love my present and will get loads of usage out of it, I promise!
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