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Feeding the birds

Its been a funny week. I am still feeling a bit deflated since Mum left so trying hard to get organised and motivated. I guess I am struggling a bit emotionally because the smallest things are getting to me. This morning the coffee machine spat water all over the counter when all I wanted was a nice cup of coffee. I could have cried! The other night Ron and I spent HOURS arranging the computer on the new table that Mum stained and I varnished. We wanted to organise the millions of cords and cables with the new cable zipper system he had bought. It took forever and after all that we don’t think we like the table next to the window after all. And then last night I stayed up too late reading whilst Ron was trying to tune in our UK television in our bedroom because the one we had borrowed from his parents mysteriously stopped working the night of the computer rearranging. Its all so annoying and now I feel tired and grumpy and its a grey day outside. I couldn’t decide whether to attempt the gym again or not, I am half anxious about Amy, half anxious about me, just generally anxious!

So I called and booked us in for 11.30, I hope she wakes well before then! I will make sure I am dressed and ready and I will make her a snack before we go so she won’t get hungry and irritable and then I just have to hope for the best. I really want her to be ok and settled and not unhappy, it makes the whole process of leaving her easier.

So here are some fun, happy pictures of Amy and I feeding the birds on our deck to cheer me up! Mum was sitting outside when one of these landed on her knee and she nearly jumped out of her skin! We thought they were Rosellas (not sure why!) but Gwen my kind neighbour corrected me, they are actually Rainbow Lorikeets, which makes sense looking at them!
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