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Teeth and brushing them

This is whats been bothering Amy on and off now for nearly two months! The bottom molar on her right is completely through but no sign of the left other than a very swollen gum. Upstairs they are struggling on to come through. This could be another reason why Amy is not eating as well as she used to. It must hurt like nothing else when these giant choppers make their way up and out so its understandable that she is grumpy some of the time.

I thought I would use the opportunity to give a quick toothbrushing tutorial in case any of you Mums were wondering how we manage Amy’s dental care! Thanks to Mum’s skills as a dental hygienist and the fact that Amy has a lot of teeth, we have had to step up our efforts and make sure that we brush Amy’s teeth twice a day.

Its a good idea to get your babies used to a toothbrush quite early on, but the important thing is never to use it as a toy or even to let them play with it in their mouths. The best plan of action is to buy a baby toothbrush when they get their first teeth and to get into the habit of brushing gently, all along the gums, top and bottom, with the toothbrush slightly wet. A good time to do this in in the bath although as they get more teeth and start eating more solid foods, its best to sit them on your knee, their legs trapped between yours and one of their arms under yours and the other held down with your arm. Basically so they can’t move – see pic below! This was the hardest bit for us and I think it was my fault for leaving Amy for so long without this sitting and brushing routine.

As far as the toothbrush goes, a baby one with soft bristles is fine and once they have more teeth, its best to use a slightly harder one, so we are now using a stage 2 toothbrush for Amy. Some very valuable advice that my Mum gave me was not to use baby toothpaste. At first I couldn’t imagine why but Mum explained that you just use a tiny bit of normal paste, so touch the bristles to the top of the tube (no squeezing!) and thats enough to clean their mouth. If you use baby toothpaste or childrens toothpaste now, they develop a taste for the sweetness and you will probably end up arguing with an eight year old that they are too old for childrens toothpaste! Grownup stuff is best!

Since we introduced the toothpaste, Amy is quite happy to have her teeth brushed morning and night by either myself or Ron. We don’t let her suck the brush or play with it herself, only because teethbrushing is important business and not a game. And now when we cuddle for the bedtime bottle and story, she smells minty fresh!

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