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Changes – Amy is 1

Someone said to me recently that I shouldn’t be suprised if Amy changes overnight after her 1st birthday. I laughed and shrugged and thought to myself how lucky I was to have such a sweet natured baby and that she wouldn’t be like other babies! And so its been a rude awakening for both Ron and I to discover that our previously passive and gentle baby is showing signs of a very determined nature! This face below is a common sight around our household, and especially out in public when Amy wants to express her dislike or dissatisfaction with something!
(could it be the attire she is being forced to wear?)

Unfortunately its usually something necessary that upsets her, like a nappy change (how can such a small being manage to exert such strength?!) or trying to insert her into the seat in the shopping trolley. Then I am in left in no doubt (and so is the surrounding public within hearing distance!) of Amy’s displeasure with my behaviour! What happened to this baby below?

Ok, so its not as drastic as I make it sound, and in fact its been a wondrous thing to watch my child develop her personality and discover free will. It makes mealtimes more complicated, where before she would inhale anything I put within three feet of the highchair, now she is a little more picky and the vigorous head shake and “na ah” accompanied by a firm showing of the hand is all too familiar. In many ways I am glad that my Mum was around for these developments because as a Grandmother she seems to have signifigantly more reserves of patience than I do and she is also a font of common sense. As Mum so rightly pointed out, Amy will eat when she is hungry so forcing her to have something she has decided she doesn’t want is not achieving anything. And so meals have become a more haphazard affair which is not really in my nature. But Amy is still eating and although she might have a banana for lunch instead of the pasta I have lovingly prepared for her, its still food!
Along with the ability to walk, Amy has developed the desire to do things her way and so I am learning new parenting skills, the art of patience and also the valuable lesson of relaxing. If Amy wants to pull off her socks and shoes in the car, then let her toes get a breather. If Amy wants to eat my lunch of salmon and avocado on toast rather than her meal, who cares! Because my little baby is growing up and starting to push her tiny personality on the space and people around her, and that is incredible to watch!
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