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Missing my Mum

Mum left today and I don’t feel like blogging about anything much. I was kept busy by my lovely friend Rosie who invited Amy and I to her mothers group so we could keep our minds off missing Mum/Gogga. Amy had good naps so I was able to veg out in front of the tv and Ron came home to give me some comfort. We stuck a cottage pie that Mum made last week in the oven and called it dinner with lashings of Mrs Balls and then I had a long hot bath.

I am going to post about the house over the next few weeks, although I still have lots to put up about the past few weeks. I will have more time on my hands now that I am sans mum, sob.
This is the kitchen, looking back into the living room, toys scattered everywhere! Note our new floating shelf to hold all of Ron’s glass collection. This was the evening of Amy’s birthday party when the balloons were still afloat. I liked the way they looked hovering about the glasses.
This is the entrance hall and the little shelf thingy that was green before we painted. Mum suggested these Frangipani flowers would look lovely in a vase when we saw them in the Hunter Valley. Yes, I have fake flowers in my house, but look, so beautiful!

And here they are with the reflection of the glass in the front door in the aftertoon light.

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