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Birthday portraits

A few more birthday portraits of Amy. She was very good at unwrapping presents and seemed to enjoy the process of finding out what was underneath.

As I have mentioned a few times before, Amy was wonderfully spoilt by her Gogga and Grandpa. Look at the fantastic look of anticipation on her face below as she unwraps the boxed set of CD’s of C.S.Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. Oh my god I don’t think there is anyway Amy can be more excited than I am about this gift! Now we just need a long car journey to break them open!

And here she is with the second hand painted plate that my Mum has made for her. This one has an aussie bear and a saffa bear on it just so Amy can never be confused about her origins!

And lastly, because I am inordinately proud of this creation. The first birthday cake I have ever made for my baby girl, on her 1st birthday. Lets just say thank goodness her name isn’t Alexandra!

(and yes, there are lots more than just one candle on it, it just looked better that way, ok!)

How many balloons does it take to float a baby? Up, up and away.
(please do not try this at home, or if you insist on trying it, make sure you are indoors!)
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