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Amy’s 1st birthday party

Amy’s birthday party day started with presents. You can tell her Daddy dressed her for the party, I didn’t want to cause a fuss and argue the point, the Wallabies were playing South Africa that night so I felt quietly confident! (oops) The party was relatively small, my parents, Ron’s parents, Amy’s godparents Myfanwy and Jason and Margaret and David and a few other friends. It was just the right size and the two quiches that mum and I made fed everyone perfectly.

There was time for eating, time for cuddling babies, time for opening presents and being spoiled.

And of course, time for singing and blowing out candles! Amy was understandably confused about what the fuss was all about but she seemed to enjoy her alphabet block cake.

We had lots of time for sitting around chatting on our deck.
And when it got a bit cooler and the party size decreased, we decamped inside and that was cosy!

Later a very sleepy Amy went to bed, happy and content after a fun and memorable first birthday party!

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