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Me time

I have been quite concious over the past few weeks that I don’t have that many photos of Amy and I. We have lots of candid shots or fun pics but not too many great photos that I love of us. I can’t decide if thats because I am not entirely happy about the way I look in some photos recently, or just the obvious, that I usually take the photos.

Mum and I went late night shopping last week while Ron did the supper/bath/bedtime routine and even cooked dinner for us. We had great success and I finally have a new pair of jeans to replace my old, baggy, ugly ones that really should be retired for good! We also bought new bras, two new tops and some lovely soft, black cords. I feel like a different woman, already more confident and comfortable. I think I will have to make sure to take some portraits of Amy and I in the next few days!

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