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The Super Whites
Gogga’s are a brilliant invention

Gogga’s (Grandma’s) are a brilliant invention. They bring you presents for no other reason than you are adorable. They smile (mostly) at the dirty nappies and laugh at your quirkiness, like your annoying habit of throwing anything you find lying around into the bath (mobile phones, lipice, shapes). They are also very patient when it comes to mealtimes and will readily spend a half hour reading you a story even though they have read the same story to you three nights in a row!

Gogga’s also try all sorts of new and fun ways to keep you entertained, like peeling the banana and giving you the whole thing instead of cutting it up into little pieces for you to eat one by one.

And Gogga’s can teach you about the finer things in life, those things that Mummy’s never seem to have enough time to sit down and talk about, like the bouquet of a good red wine or the piquancy of a ripe piece of brie!
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