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Birthday with Mum and Dad

My 31st birthday on Friday 29th June was a quiet family affair. Ron and I were both feeling sick with manflu, (feeling deathlike/no symptoms whatsoever!) Mum and Dad were jetlagged and Amy was growing four hundred and eleven molars! We had a late start, opened presents over breakfast and then went up to our local shopping centre to buy some groceries for our friends Sal and Paul who were arriving from Johannesburg the next day.

It was fun shopping with Mum and Dad who were both amazed at the amount and quality of the produce available. Mum bought a smoked ham hock to make her fantastic pea and ham soup for supper and then after dropping the groceries at home, we made our way to North Curl Curl to drop off the groceries for Sal and Paul and the boys.

We stopped in Dee Why for a fabulous lunch on the beachfront. I wish I could remember the name of the cafe we ate in, they were so accomodating with Amy’s pram and we had delicious food. Mum showed Amy how to drink through a straw!

We dropped off the shopping and by this time we were all feeling a little tired so some of us had a nap on the way home!

My birthday evening was very relaxing. We ate delicious pea and ham soup and watched tv and all went to bed very early! One of these years I promise I will throw a massive party on my birthday and drink and be merry. But this year I felt very blessed to spend my day with my loved ones.

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