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The Super Whites
Amy waits for Gogga and Packet to walk properly

There have been some monumentous events over the past few days, first birthday parties, 31st birthdays, lots of love and cuddles with grandparents, but the biggest has to be Amy learning to toddle all on her own.

We have been joking over the past weeks about tying Amy’s feet together and nailing her shoes to the floor in order to stop her from walking until her grandparents arrived, but in all seriousness she has shown desire to walk but hasn’t been too bothered about persevering. I know this is going to sound unbelievable and incredulous, but Amy actually did wait until the night my parents arrived to take her first unassisted, uncoached, almost unnoticed steps into the open!

We had just got home from collecting Mum and Dad from the airport (and seeing the Boks arrive!) and we were all standing around in the kitchen chatting. Ron was on the phone to his sister and Amy was in the living room with her toys. Suddenly my Mum says “look” and we turn around and there she is walking towards us, arms outstretched, look of glee on her face!

And now we can’t seem to stop her!

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