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Walking and catching up

Mum and Dad are here and its wonderful, apart from the jetlag, deathly colds and major teething issues! (Try work out which belongs to whom!) My birthday was lovely, very quiet and uneventful but a real treat to have both my parents here to celebrate with me. Amy has been loving the attention and chose to walk unprompted for the first time just after we got home from collecting her Gogga and Grandpa Packet from the airport!

Seriously, I know we have been joking about tying her legs together and stapling her feet to the floor to stop her from starting to walk before they got here, but she actually did just walk on her own. We were all standing in the kitchen and Amy was on the floor in the living room, Ron was on the phone to his sister. Suddenly we see Amy like a little zombie, staggering across the floor towards us! She has been walking from things, to things, but has never before set off into the wide open with nothing to walk to! It was very exciting.

This is a hilarious photo of Amy wearing 4 pairs of my knickers around her neck! Firstly, these are clean, she pinched them off the clothes horse, and secondly, she stuck them over her head herself, its a trick she does where everything gets put over her head. I was busy in the kitchen unpacking shopping and putting things away, I turn around to see what she is up to and this is what I find!

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