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Looking backwards

Time for some more remembering………. you can see my belly has really dropped in this shot from today, last year.

Thursday 22nd June – 40wks2ds
Another disappointing rise to conciousness! I have been having really troubled dreams where I am in labour, or having contractions but then I wake up and its just a dream. Turning over is painful now because my bump is so big and heavy underneath so sometimes in my half wake, half sleep state it feels as though I am cramping or achey. But we both had a really good nights sleep even though I am finding it harder and harder to actually fall asleep. Lying on my left side which is the recommended side for baby and me, my heart beats so hard that I can almost feel it fluttering every few beats which is disconcerting. I find it hard to control my breathing and heartbeat and to be calm and relaxed so I can sleep and my mind starts to get active. Last night I was lying in bed trying to calm down to sleep and thinking about our text message list and who we would call when baby arrives. I was also worrying about whether I would meet the girls for coffee and this infiltrated my dream, I remember talking to Joanna in a dream. As soon as I was awake I started working on making announcement lists on my phone to send text messages to and then when Ron got up I came through to the lounge to get them onto a spreadsheet so we could make sure we didn’t miss anyone. Ron left for work and I had toast and then a shower as I wanted to make sure I left myself lots of time to get to Wimbledon for coffee at 11. I spoke to Liv and said I would call her on my way back to Clapham Junction so we could meet and get our nails done. I made my way slowly down to the station, bought a ticket and walked up to the platform, a train arrived pretty quick and I was at Clapham Junction in about ten minutes. I only had to wait another few minutes for the train to Wimbledon and so when I arrived I had ages to kill so I went wandering around the shopping centre. There was a sale on at baby gap but there is no point even looking when we don’t know what sex our baby is. I am so excited now to find out, its so hard to imagine our baby and what he or she looks like without knowing. I have said all along that I think it might be a boy but for some reason I have been thinking about girls a lot lately. I just can’t wait now to meet our baby! We all arrived at Starbucks together and had a lovely chat, its so great having these girls in my antenatal class to talk to and its strange that we are all just waiting, there isn’t a feeling of competition between us, more of just active support and encouragement but I know that if I get word that someone else has gone into labour before me it will be quite hard to cope with. I left the girls at 12:30 and met Liv at Clapham Junction where we got a train straight back to Balham and only had to wait about ten minutes for our manicures. We walked to Sainsburys to pick up some lunch and then home to watch Big Brother. I messed around on the internet and then went straight to bed for my nap. I heard Liv leave at about 5:30 and Ron was home a little later. We had a lovely supper of marinated salmon steaks on the bbq with salad and cous cous and sat down to watch the Australia v. Croatia football game. What an unbelieveable 90 minutes! I was convinced I was going to go into labour any second, it was just unreal, Croatia scored really early on off a free kick and the Aussie goalkeeper looked like he had no idea what he was doing in between the posts, who knows why Schwartze was on the bench! Aus equalised with a penalty and we bounced around, then the crazy goalkeeper let in a simple shot and world cup dreams disappeared again! My heart has been beating at about twice its normal rate which can’t be good! Finally Harry Kewel equalised and then the game just fell apart in the last few minutes with sending offs, ref mistakes, three yellow cards for the same player, missed penalty opportunities and finally the final whistle and Australia is through! Tonight would be such a good night to go into labour, come on baby Wallabok!!!!!
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