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Painting the house

Our planned move has been cancelled due to the storm in Sydney yesterday (Friday) and today. There have been severe weather warnings, gale force winds, lashing rain and flash floods all over Sydney and the coastal region of New South Wales. 7 people are dead after being washed away in their cars and many others have had their homes flooded, cars washed away and power cut. There are electricity outages predicted for more than 200,000 homes tonight that will take days to reconnect. All over Sydney there are trees on houses, roads closed and the Emergency Services have had 2 calls a minute from people trapped in cars, flooded out of their homes and scared for their lives.

Its a massive inconvenience that we chose this weekend to move house, but we are lucky, our new home is watertight and weather proof, the only storm casualty appears to be a small tree in the front garden that has fallen over. We are safe and warm and have a cosy home to stay in while we wait for the weather conditions to improve so we can move into our new house. I am grateful for that. (but still petulantly disappointed that we can’t move in this weekend!) So here are some painting photos in the meantime……

The kitchen, as seen from the lounge.
Looking down the hallway from the front bedroom. The bathroom is to the left, the bedroom to the right.

Looking back down the hallway to the front bedroom.

The back bedroom, overlooking the deck through the left window.
The colour we have painted the house is called Antique White and its a barely there, warmish white. We are very happy with the colour, its subtle and seems to make the rooms just that much lighter, especially the front bedroom which had a dark blue wall before. The carpet has been laid now as well and looks great. We are scared to walk on it!
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