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The Super Whites
Prepping the house

We are so busy with the house, its like a self perpetuating entity, each job we finish throws up another job. Ron and I have been racing over there when he gets home from work, leaving Amy with Margaret to put to bed and we have been painting late into the night. We are both exhausted and dreading the actual move. Especially since the weather this weekend is not playing ball. The long overdue rain has finally arrive and there are severe weather predictions for the weekend. Maybe we postpone till next weekend. We’ll decide later.

For now, a much needed rest night. And some photos from this time last year. As we get closer to Amy’s first birthday I am becoming very retrospective and often think about how I was feeling just a short year ago. My life has changed so much since Ron and I took these happy and hopeful photos of my huge belly. I can’t imagine how I couldn’t have known my Amy then, as I carried her around inside me. I feel so full of love for my precious girl that at times I feel completely overwhelmed with what it is to actually know her and have her in our lives.


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