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Baby shoes

A big shout out to Gail to say thank you for the gorgeous shoes she gave us way back in October last year! At the time I thanked her but put the box away, not quite sure about the little shoes and how useful they would be. Well, I confess, I was wrong, they are the best little baby shoes ever. Made from soft leather with suede soles and little soft elastics running around the heel and across the front these are soft and sensible shoes for a crawler/nearly walker now that the weather has turned.
Amy loves pulling her socks off so the only way to keep her feet warm is to wear some kind of shoe. I have been told by countless people that the longer a baby goes barefoot, the better the development of their growing toes and feet and these little slippers are ideal. Soft enough to be pliable and comfy, warm enough for the coldest days and so beautiful with their deep pink colour and gold thread design.
Thanks Gail & Jeremy!
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